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 大澳日落 Sunset of Tai O
Tai 0 is located at the Southeast of the Pearl River, facing Macau. Visitors can enjoy taking pictures from the Tai Chung Bridge during sunset to capture the unforgettable beautifully scenery.
Sunset of Tai O
 將軍石 General Rock
 將軍石是大澳的特色標記。從遠處看, 石塊就像一名將軍倚石休息時的模樣, 因而得名。
This rock is a local landmark in Tai O. From a distance, it resembles a Military General lying down, taking a short break.
General Rock
 觀景亭 Pavilion
This pavilion, also named the Dolphin Watching Pavilion, is located Fu Shan and just beside the Hau Wong Temple. It is also on the hillside where the fishermen's primary school is situated. From here, visitors can enjoy superb views of coastal scenery and lovable pink dolphins frolicking in the waters off Lantau Island. Chek Lap Kok International Airport is also visible from this point.
 棚屋 Stilt-houses
 建於泥灘上,縱橫交錯的棚屋是大澳的 一大特色。棚屋居民大多是古代越族的 後人,亦即俗稱的蜑家人,是最早在香港定居的人士。
The Stilt-houses in Tai O feature the unique character of the historical fishing village. Residents are mainly the Tanks people, descendants of the ancient Yueh tribe who were Hong Kong's first major settlers.
 鹹魚 Salted Fish
 大澳著名土特產如鹹魚、蝦羔、蝦醬在 永安街及街市街到處可見。
Popular native products such as salted fish, shrimp cake and shrimp paste can be found easily in shops at Wing On Street and Market Street
Salted Fish
 蝦醬蝦羔 Shrimp Paste & Shrimp Cake
Popular native products such as shrimp paste and shrimp cake are produced from the shrimp collected by local fishermen.
Shrimp Cake
 紅樹林 Mangroves
 紅樹林生長於大澳近岸的河涌一帶,約 2至3米高。它能抵受潮涉漲退時的海浪 沖刷,保護海洋周邊的岩層水土,使水土不致輕易地大量流失。其中更重要的,還是爲沿岸的海域生物提供理想的生活居所,保護生態環境。
A variety of mangroves can be found in the rivermouth and the swamps in Tai O. They are about 2-3 meters in height. Since mangroves can withstand erosion caused by tidal currents, they provide the coastal line with protection preventing loss of rock and soil. More important, mangrove forests maintain and enhance biodiversity. They make ideal habitat for coastal aquatic creatures.
 鹽田遺址 Salt-Pans
 大澳的鹽田面積曾達70英畝,年產約 488噸。它的產鹽業可追溯至宋代,經過第二次世界大戰的洗禮,以及70年代的經濟轉型,鹽田終於退役。
In the Sung Dynasty, salt production in Tai O was prosperous. At its height, there were as many as 70 acres of salt-pan producing488 tons of salt every year. Due to the devastation of the Second World War and the economic transformation in 1970's, salt production in Tai O gradually disappeared.
 海濱長廊 Waterfront Promenade
Waterfront Promenade