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 橫水渡大橋 Rope-drawn Ferry Bridge
With the construction of the Rope-drawn Ferry Bridge in 1996,the rope-drawn sampan service ended its historical service. Nowadays, residents and visitors can cross the river by foot via the bridge.
Rope-drawn Ferry Bridge
 新基大橋 Sun Ki Bridge
The Sun Ki Bridge was built by local residents in 1979. It links the two straits of the old fishing village together. The bridge not only brings convenience to residents for traveling between the two straits, but also attracts tourists.
Sun Ki Bridge
 橫坑橋 Wang Hang Bridge
 在1992年因受颱風侵襲,橫坑橋被洪 水沖毀。政府於1994年重建橫坑橋。
The Bridge was partly damaged in 1992 after a bad typhoon and the government rebuilt it in 1994.
Wang Hang Bridge