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 侯王古廟 Hau Wong Temple
 這所歷史悠久的廟宇,供奉著侯王,即 宋未(1270年)忠臣楊亮節。廟宇內存放 古鐘一座,鑄於清朝康熙38年(1699年)。
This temple honors Hau Wong, also known as Yang Lianghie, a loyal court official of the late Suny Dynasty (circa 1270). A bell, put inside the temple, was cast in the 38th year of Kangxi(1699).
Hau Wong Temple
 關帝古廟 Kwan Tai Temple
 這座建於明孝宗弘治年間(1488-1505) 的古廟,供奉英勇善戰義薄雲天的歷史人物關雲長,人稱關帝。關帝生前是一名將軍,以忠義見稱,人們均相信關帝正義之氣可治鬼邪。
Built in the reign of Hong Zhi of the Ming Dynasty (1488-1505), this temple honors the God of War and Riqhteousness. In life, Kwan Tai was a Military General renowned for his loyalty. He is believed to protect devotees from all evil.
Kwan Tai Temple
 洪聖古廟 Hung Shing Temple
 洪聖廟是供奉海神的廟宇,內有一座於 乾隆元年(1736年)鑄造的銅鐘,廟宇亦 於同年興建。
Hung Shing Temple was built for worshiping the Sea God. Inside the temple, there is a bell manufactured in the first year of Emperor Qianlong (1736), the same year that the temple was built.
Hung Shing Temple
 新村天后古廟 Tin Hau Temple
Also honoring Tin Hau, this temple is located at Tai O San Tsuen. It was built in the 33rd year of Qianlong's reign during the Qing Dynasty (1722). Every year Tai O villagers, including Tanka boat people and villagers nearby, celebrate the festival with Cantonese Opera and worship the God of Sea with tributes such as roast whole pig.
Tin Hau Temple
 龍巖寺 Dragon Rock Temple
 龍巖寺是一所佛道寺廟,供奉佛祖和朱大仙。每年農曆3月23曰,寺內會舉行大 型的超渡亡魂儀式,同時有齋菜供村民和參拜人士享用。
This is a Buddhist/Taoist monastery built for the worship of Buddha and the Chu deity. Every year on the 23rd day of the 3rd month of the Lunar Calendar, there is a special ceremony in memory of the dead. It includes a vegetarian feast prepared for the religious villagers and visitors.
Dragon Rock Temple
 華光古廟 Hwa Kwong Temple
In 2000, the temple was rebuilt at Wang Hang with funds donated by the Cantonese Opera singers, including Yuen Siu-fai and Wen fi-ying.Most of the worshipers are Cantonese Opera singers and local villagers.
Hwa Kwong Temple
 嶼北界碑 North Lantau Stone Obelisk
This small obelisk was erected in 1902 to mark the water boundary between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Later surveys show that the obelisk might be biased towards the west. The stated height of the sea level is also not accurate.
North Lantau Stone Obelisk
  大澳文物酒店 Tai O Heritage Hotel

大澳文物酒店位於大澳海傍的石仔?街,矗立於靜謐的小山丘,由建於1902年、擁有逾百年歷史的舊大澳警署活化而成,更被古物咨詢委員會評選為二級歷史建築,是大嶼山大澳漁村中具有文化特色的歷史性地標。酒店四周綠草如茵,設有9間客房、文物探知中心及玻璃屋頂餐廳Tai O Lookout。

Perched on a small hill of the waterfront sidewalk of Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O Heritage Hotel, graded as a Grade II historic building by the Antiquities Advisory Board, has been conserved and transformed from the century-old Tai O Police Station constructed in 1902, a historic landmark in the culture-rich Tai O fishing village on Lantau Island.

Surrounded by lush greenery, it is now home to nine colonial-style rooms, Heritage Interpretation Centre and a glass-roofed open view restaurant, Tai O Lookout.

For more information, please click here to visit Tai O Heritage Hotel's website

Former Tai O Police Station
 方便所 Chi Sin Mortuary
 位於北山。上世紀五十年代以前曾收留 一些臨終病人,是當時的義莊。
This Mortuary was built in North Hill in 1950s and has been abandoned.
Chi Sin Mortuary